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Why Are You Hellbent on Frying Your Brain?

This piece is for those of us that are battling substance abuse and looking for a way out. I believe this can help, and oh, if you know anyone that will benefit...

It’s the Soul That Needs the Surgery

I believe I got this light bulb moment revelation as regards mental disorders and mind issues for a while now, but it was not until recently that I had this deep urge...

The Corporate Woman Workwear Inspo!

Who's going for a much needed retail therapy soon? Let's give you some fArTsHiOn Inspo! "Style is a way to say...

Why Not Buy a Franchise

Purchasing a Business Model that Works.that This piece is for investors and potential investors that do not want to go through the hassles that come with building a new business from the scratch of scratch....

Kiss Worry Good Bye!

From the stables of a young girl rising from the ashes of worry. I was strolling back home from a pharmacy. I had gone to buy high blood pressure drugs for a close family member...

Meet The Melancholy Temperament

I am sure you may have had one of those high standard neat picky friends. Was he your ex? Or she is your current close friend? You may also have had to deal with...

Sage Whispers on How To Negotiate

Here are some sage whispers to accompany our last article on contractual negotiations. BE PRESENT DURING NEGOTIATIONS Since it is your business or your property, it is important that you are, at least, present during...

How To Negotiate

  It is true that the so-called middle class is just a terminal disease away from poverty. This became very evident recently in the Braithwaite family when they decided to sell off the last of...

Planning to Own Your Company Soon?

After seeing the damage wrought by being personally liable for every hiccup of their business ventures, the creative humans of this world decided to device a means to do business with other people’s (their...

Looking at Collaborating With a Business Partner?

 We dealt with the sole proprietorship business structure the last time. Now, when two or more people come together to form a for-profit business venture; a partnership is formed when the members are directly...

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